New low-interest campaign: lend 10,000 euros and pay back only 9,959 euros

The negative interest loan from Smava: lend 1,000 euros – repay 994 euros

Currently, as every year in January, the demand for GADCapital loans is increasing. High spending during the Christmas period and due annual accounts are the causes. With persistently low-interest rates, many believe that all loans are currently cheap. This is, unfortunately, a fallacy, also a more expensive. There are major price differences: 8.5 billion interest rates are incurred on average for emergency loans and just under 6 percent on installment loans. Anyone who completes their loan on the Internet pays below 4 percent. This is shown by data from the German Bundesbank and the credit portal Smava.

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“Especially now, after the expenses for Christmas, holidays and the just due annual accounts for insurance, it is important to sensitize consumers for the price differences in loans. In the summer of 2017, we were already successful with the Smava negative interest loan. Already hundreds of thousands of consumers have used our credit comparison so far, saving up to 2,000 euros each, “says Alexander Artopé, Managing Director of Smava. “So we’re doing marketing for a good cause. For anyone who has to borrow money should not have to pay too much for interest. ”



“Rent 1,000 euros, repay 994 euros”

The negative interest rate of minus 0.4 percent applies to a net loan amount of 1,000 euros and a term of 36 months. That means: “I borrow 1,000 euros and only have to repay 993.83 euros,” says Artopé. Currently, consumers can not borrow money that cheaply anywhere else. The loan can be requested by employees and civil servants who have not yet received a negative interest loan through Smava. Apart from interest, there are no additional costs. A residual debt insurance is not offered. The borrowed money can be used freely. If you meet the conditions for the loan, you will get around 6 euros from Smava. The loan is provided by the money of private investors via the credit comparison of Smava. The number of negative interest loans is unlimited. The discounted credit is available until 15 February 2018.

Overview of credit terms

Net loan amount: 1,000 euros Duration: 36 months
annual percentage rate: -0.4% fixed borrowing rate: -0.4%
Number of repayment installments: 36 Monthly repayment rate: 27.61 euros


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Cheap alternative to the expensive credit line

The discounted credit is a cheap alternative to the much more expensive disbursements. “With our 0.4 percent funding, we help consumers avoid high-interest rates,” explains Artopé. “At the same time, we reaffirm our mission to provide consumers with the cheapest loans in Germany with the Smava Negative Interest Credit.”


Credit only with sufficient creditworthiness

Despite the negative interest rate, a loan remains a serious liability that must be settled. Therefore, the negative interest loan is only given to consumers who can repay the money.


Since 2007 transparent, fair and cheap loans

The credit portal Smava was founded with the mission of making credits transparent, fair and affordable for consumers. Smava allows consumers to compare currently 70 credits from 25 banks and thus find the cheapest loan. With its own 0-percent or minus-interest loans, the portal regularly provides for more favorable terms and more transparency in the credit market – most recently in July 2017 with the first negative interest loan, which was disbursed to a medium-sized four-digit number of borrowers.